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Free Test Build IOHawk Giveaways

Public transportation has been rapidly changing since 2010. Transportation has evolved from smaller, more portable machines such as scooters, skateboards, long boards, and electric bicycles. A brand-new contender to the scene is the iohawk. The iohawk is a product which is been designed to help people get from point a to point B very quickly. Many people also use them for recreation. This device is also very good for people who are on their feet a lot or need to travel small distances throughout the day. The free io hawk is very similar to a segway, but much more reliable and unique.

One of the best things about a free iohawk is the fact that it can self-balance. A free iohawk weighs 22 pounds and is approximately 24 inches long. The top speed of an io hawk is about 8 mph. Because of the self-balancing, there is no need for handlebars or any other type of steering wheel. The io hawk steers as you manipulate your body weight in the direction that you wish to go. This is something that makes it very unique as most transportation these days requires manual input from the user. Many people are very impressed with the free iohawk because it seems to adapt to the user. Another great thing about the io hawk is that it has a very good weight limit. Most people estimate that this free iohawk can support people up to 300 pounds.

The io hawk is also battery-powered and has a very impressive battery life, most people find that it lasts more than 15 miles on the three-hour charge. Most people even say the io hawk is much easier than writing a bike. It generally only takes people 5 to 10 minutes before they feel confident on the machine. If you look on YouTube there are even some people who are incredibly good at riding this free iohawk and even can do tricks.

One of the downsides of the io hawk is that it doesn't have very much ground clearance, and if you hit very big objects in the road you're likely to fall off. A free iohawk also has front and rear lights as a sort of a safety precaution. This is extremely important because this free iohawk is very silent as its rolling. Right now the starting price of an io hawk is approximately $1600. Luckily our company gets a limited amount of free iohawk per month for users to review. These are sometimes test builds, and sometimes the actual product. They are completely free, the only thing that is asked is that the user provide feedback on things that could be improved, and things that are working great. Free iohawks are very hard to come by so we think that this is a great offer.

We hope that you will be very pleased with this free iohawk offer, and tell your friends about our website.

Io hawk hopes that someday people will commute to work and other places on this product the same way that people would use a segue. They are working on faster models with more safety features so that people can use them for longer distances instead of just short trips. Maybe in the future, we will see more people writing these machines in public just like we see people commuting on bicycles and motorcycles right now. There are three major colors of a free iohawk right now which are black red and white. There are also more colors which are being made available, and a lot of our free iohawk review copies are actually different colors. The company is trying very hard to get the price down right now. That is why us giving away free iohawk is such a good deal. Free iohawk are very rare and we are happy to bring you such an exceptional product for free.

There are some products popping up from China claiming to be a legitimate free iohawk. The problem with these products are that they are very easy to break and are cheap knockoffs. There are even some YouTube videos of people charging their knockoff io hawks and having them burst into flames. This is extremely dangerous and not recommended because of all the safety issues. There is even a problem with the board splitting in half because they are so cheaply made and cannot support wait about 150 pounds. The battery life is also much shorter, and the lifespan in general of these products is very poor. The unfortunate thing is that most of these Chinese sellers do not offer any refund services, so consumers are often unable to get their money back.

Many famous youtube stars can be seen in their video-blogs writing around on io hawk, this is one of the most incredible products to be made. It is catching on very quickly especially with so many famous people riding them around Hollywood and in their daily lives. We especially love to give away free iohawks because we know that people will love them. There is nothing quite like the experience of riding a free io hawk that other people are paying almost $2000 for.

There are many tricks you can do on a free iohawk, and many people say it even feels like levitating. Most people say the best way to learn how to ride an IO Hawk is to do it on a carpeted area. This slows down the movement of the io hawk so you don't take off too fast when you get on the board. The free iohawk is very sensitive, almost like driving a car for the first time. If you have to commute a lot on foot, and you cover a fair bit of ground this excellent piece of machinery can get you there quickly without leaving you tired out.

It is especially nice and useful to cover so many miles at once if you wanted to go even further. Another great aspect of the free iohawk is that you can even walk half the distance and pick it up the rest of the way if you wanted to get some exercise. This is especially nice because the board like mentioned earlier is only about 20 pounds, so it is easily transportable. This is incredibly important because up to this point most self-driven public transportation has been very bulky and cumbersome. You can even bring this transportation into the office or into the building you are working in.

This is also a great way to be eco-friendly and to help the environment, without causing any hassle to your own daily living style. When you first get on the board you might get the shakes at first, but we are confident that you will bill to pick it up within the first 5 to 10 minutes. Most people find that they are an expert after just an hour and are able to take it up the full speed extremely quickly.

Another great asset of this device is it safety features. It is very good at self-balancing, and usually, the only problems are when you are going down a very steep incline, because the board can start to go very quick. It does have an internal braking system, but this can feel weird to users when they are going so fast. It is also important to avoid big bumps, and huge cracks in the road, as the wheels can easily get stuck. The other problem is that most people do not like to ride this board in the rain, but since the board is so easy to transport is generally not a big deal to get a taxi or a cab.

One of the coolest safety features about this board is the very bright LED lights, this lets people know you are coming, especially at night. This is extremely important because as mentioned above this board makes absolutely no sound, which is great because it doesn't annoy the user other people, but can be dangerous because other people will not see you coming. Luckily the lights will help to alert other vehicles and people of your presence.

One other error that users make when they first get on a free iohawk is that they try to lean forward or backwards too quickly. The io hawk truly is a very agile machine, and only requires very little user input. The amount you have to lean forward is not much and can often be done by just pressing your toes into the board a little bit. There are videos all over the Internet of people leaning forward to quickly their very first time on the board and falling flat on their face. If you take it slow you will not have this problem. Another perk of this board is that the turn radius is almost absolute zero. You can literally turn this board in a 360 without moving forward or backwards. Even though this board has some very cool safety features, it is important to wear a helmet and safety equipment when writing this, it only takes one big fall to seriously injure yourself, or result in a concussion

Some of the best places to ride a free iohawk include amusement parks, huge workplaces, conventions, grocery stores, and other large indoor facilities. They can also be ridden on the street, just make sure there are not too many vehicles or pedestrians present. The io hawk is also very cool looking and many people are drawn to the sweet LEDs and paint job on the machine. This is one product that is definitely not skimped on in manufacturing. You can really tell from the first time you hold the board that is made with the best quality materials in mind. Because of that, these boards are estimated to last over five years, that is only because tire tread could wear down, or the battery wears out. Luckily these are both easy things to replace, you can expect to have this board with you for a very long time. Overall an io hawk is an essential device for anyone needing an easier commute.

We would rate the io hawk the following score.

Price: four out of five stars. The io hawk is a little bit on the expensive side which is why we took a star off, however the quality long life, usefulness, and engineering on the board are exquisite and that is why we think it is worth the price.

Build quality: five out of five stars. As mentioned above the build quality on the io hawk is incredibly professional and well done. The materials are all top-notch, and the engineering is like no other. This product will truly last you a lifetime.

Charging time: four out of five stars. The charging time takes about three hours, which isn't too long, but could be a little bit tedious if you are at the office or on the go. Overall the charging time is still incredibly fast for the amount of mileage you are getting though.

Endurance: five out of five stars. The endurance on this machine is incredibly impressive. Since this board can go upwards of 15 miles on one charge that is often more than anyone would need throughout the day.

Weight: three out of five stars. The weight is actually incredibly impressive for a device that can take you so far so fast and is so convenient, but we realize that a 20 pound board can get a little bit tedious to carry around that is why we rate this three out of five stars.

X Factor: with the incredible turn radius, the amount of fun, and the usefulness of this board, we rate this board an additional five out of five stars.

We are proud of the fact that we are giving away one of these boards every day, there is truly nothing else like this and the world, and we look forward to your review. Please remember that some of these free iohawks are next-gen test boards, so please ask us if you have any questions using our contact form! We hope you enjoy this free iohawk as much as we do!